All Panels are available in Transparent, Opal and Clear

 Transparent                    Opal                         Clear

Our 12" panels are 7'-8" tall and extend to 10'-0". The adjustable upper panel, shown above, slides up to the height of the ceiling. To adjust the height you simply loosen the knurled knob on each side, slide the panel up to the ceiling, then retighten the knobs.

It's nice to have a couple on hand to use as fillers for odd shaped areas.

Our 12" panels include a self leveling channel on the bottom to compensate for unlevel floors. This channel has a neoprene gasket adhered to the bottom side to create a seal to the floor.
The sides of the panel contain closed cell gasket material to form a seal between the panels and the top of the panel has a 1/4" thick soft ether foam gasket to conform to the ceiling.

Grid clips and camlocks are included with the panels.

Opal - P/N 4006 $285.00

Transparent - P/N 4006T $285.00

Clear - P/N 4006C $295.00