Transparent                    Opal                       Clear

We also offer a pushbutton lock for an additional $200. This lock can be set to any 4 digit combination and is easily reset from storeroom to classroom function. This particular lockset also allows for a keyed entry. 

The picture above is showing the inside face of our door panel with Opal polycarbonate.
This has become very popular. Our door panel is 48" wide by 7'-8" tall and adjusts to 10'-0". We provide an adjustable hydraulic closer and a self latching, locking handle, keyed outside, thumbturn inside.
1/4" x 2" solid aluminum threshold strip with neoprene gasket material seal to the floor.

Opal - P/N 4003 - $995.00

Transparent - P/N 4003T - $995.00 

Clear - P/N 4003C - $1035.00

The picture above shows the outside face of our door panel. The door can be ordered with a RH or LH swing.

Our typical door panel consists of a 44" door mounted in a 48" frame. We also make a 48" door mounted in a 52" frame; and a 32" door mounted in a 36" frame. The door has a polyethylene continuous hinge which provides smooth quiet operation while forming an air tight seal. The strike side and top of the door have a 1" x 1" angle mounted to them with a gasket adhered to it to form a seal with the frame. The bottom of the door has a gasketed sweep to prevent dust and debris from escaping the enclosure.