Our Full Spectrum of Barrier System Panels and Accessories

Why Choose Edge Guard?


We aim to simplify hospital infection control and maintain a dust-free work zone through our innovative products. To achieve this, we provide contractors and hospital maintenance staff with modular panels that help create professional and functional barrier system construction enclosures.


Our barrier system panels, which can be cleaned and sanitized with ease, are currently being used in hospitals and bio-research facilities. They are also included in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Best Practices in Health Care Training Program.


We ship to Canada and the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders are processed within 1 day, and shipped within 2 weeks. All of our shipping containers are built in-house and boxed well, and safely delivered, via freight carriers.


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Anteroom Packages – Everything You Need in Bakersfield, California


At Edge Guard, we understand the unique needs of our community, especially when it comes to preventing the spread of contaminants and maintaining hygiene standards using anterooms. Our anterooms are specifically designed to provide total room isolation and act as a containment measure to mitigate risks from infection, work dust, airborne pathogens, odor pollution, and other related contaminants in Bakersfield, CA.

Our anterooms serve multiple purposes, ranging from emergency isolation to ongoing maintenance. For instance, they are essential in hospital settings for infection control barriers, ensuring the safety of both staff and patients. Also, here are some uses for our anterooms:

  • Airlock lobbies for isolation rooms
  • Laboratory or cleanroom anterooms
  • Dust barrier systems for demolition or teardown
  • Bathroom renovations, drywall repair, and painting

For more information on how our anterooms can benefit your projects, contact us or visit our website to explore our products further.

Temporary Construction Walls During Renovations

Temporary Construction Walls-Bakersfield-CA

Temporary construction walls play a vital role in Bakersfield projects. They ensure that the rest of the building remains unaffected by dust, debris, and noise. They are also perfect for creating safe, dust-free zones during any renovation. 

Our temporary construction walls help maintain the integrity of clean areas and protect occupants from the disruption that construction activities can cause. Additionally, here are some key benefits of our temporary construction walls:

  • Our temporary construction walls have quick setup and removal
  • Durable materials that withstand heavy use
  • Versatile applications for various types of renovations
  • Customizable sizes to fit any space

If you're planning a renovation and need reliable temporary construction walls, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to provide you with the best temporary construction walls tailored to your specific needs. 

Dust Containment or Infection Control for Bakersfield Buildings

Dust Containment -Bakersfield-CA

Ensuring proper dust containment and infection control is crucial in Bakersfield, especially in environments like hospitals, laboratories, and construction sites. Our company provides top-notch solutions designed to meet these specific needs, helping to maintain clean and safe environments.

Our dust containment systems are perfect for use during construction or renovation projects, preventing dust from spreading to other areas and affecting air quality. Also, below are some features of our dust containment systems:

  • Made with durable and reliable materials
  • Our dust containment systems are easy to set up and dismantle
  • Customizable to fit various project sizes
  • Suitable for both residential and commercial applications

For comprehensive dust containment and infection control solutions, trust Edge Guard to deliver. Contact us today at 217-714-4491 or visit our website to educate yourself about our products and services. We are here to help you create safer, cleaner environments for all your projects using our dust containment systems.