Our Full Spectrum of Barrier System Panels and Accessories

Why Choose Edge Guard?


We aim to simplify hospital infection control and maintain a dust-free work zone through our innovative products. To achieve this, we provide contractors and hospital maintenance staff with modular panels that help create professional and functional barrier system construction enclosures.


Our barrier system panels, which can be cleaned and sanitized with ease, are currently being used in hospitals and bio-research facilities. They are also included in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Best Practices in Health Care Training Program.


We ship to Canada and the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders are processed within 1 day, and shipped within 2 weeks. All of our shipping containers are built in-house and boxed well, and safely delivered, via freight carriers.


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Anteroom Packages – Everything You Need in San Francisco, California

Anterooms-San Francisco-CA

If you're in need of comprehensive solutions for room isolation, Edge Guard's anterooms are your best bet. These anterooms are designed to provide total containment, mitigating risks from infection, work dust, particulates, debris, airborne pathogens, odor pollution, and related contaminants in San Francisco, CA buildings.

Our anterooms are meticulously designed with safe airflow buffer zones between a controlled pressurized space and an adjoining area, separated by a completely walled system with a door. Anterooms are essential for maintaining controlled environments in diverse scenarios, such as:

  • Airlock lobby for isolation rooms
  • Temporary enclosure for hospital dust containment
  • Infection control barrier for hospital staff and patients
  • Anteroom laboratory or cleanroom

For those looking to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety during construction or renovation projects, our anterooms are the perfect solution. Reach out to our company or visit our website for more information on our quality anterooms and more.

Temporary Construction Walls During Renovations

Temporary Construction Walls-San Francisco-CA

Renovations can be a breeze with the right temporary construction walls. These walls are essential for maintaining cleanliness and safety, preventing dust and debris from spreading to other areas. Whether it's a hospital, a commercial space, or a residential project, the importance of temporary construction walls cannot be underestimated in San Francisco.

During renovations, using temporary construction walls ensures that ongoing activities are not disrupted by dust and debris. These walls are especially crucial in hospitals and healthcare settings where infection control is paramount. Also, temporary construction walls offer numerous benefits:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Flexible configurations to fit various spaces
  • Durable materials for long-term use
  • Effective dust and debris containment

By choosing the right temporary construction walls, clients can ensure that their renovation projects are safe and efficient. These temporary construction walls not only protect the health and safety of everyone involved but also help maintain the integrity of the project site.

Dust Containment or Infection Control for San Francisco Buildings

Dust Containment -San Francisco-CA

Ensuring dust containment and infection control is critical in many San Francisco buildings, especially during construction or renovation. Effective dust containment is essential to protect both the workers and the occupants from harmful particulates that can be released during these activities.

Maintaining high standards of cleanliness in buildings, particularly hospitals and healthcare facilities, is crucial. Dust containment systems play a vital role in preventing the spread of dust and airborne contaminants, ensuring a safe environment for everyone. Adding on, key features of effective dust containment systems include:

  • Efficient dust containment doors that prevent the spread of particulates
  • Durable enclosures that withstand various construction activities
  • Flexible designs that cater to different building configurations
  • Easy-to-install systems that save time and effort

For anyone involved in construction or renovation, ensuring proper dust containment and infection control is a top priority. To learn more about these vital services and how they can benefit your next project, contact Edge Guard at 217-714-4491.