Our Full Spectrum of Barrier System Panels and Accessories

Why Choose Edge Guard?


We aim to simplify hospital infection control and maintain a dust-free work zone through our innovative products. To achieve this, we provide contractors and hospital maintenance staff with modular panels that help create professional and functional barrier system construction enclosures.


Our barrier system panels, which can be cleaned and sanitized with ease, are currently being used in hospitals and bio-research facilities. They are also included in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Best Practices in Health Care Training Program.


We ship to Canada and the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders are processed within 1 day, and shipped within 2 weeks. All of our shipping containers are built in-house and boxed well, and safely delivered, via freight carriers.


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Temporary Wall Panels – Sliding & Double Doors Available

Temporary Wall Panels-Aurora-IL

Edge Guard plays a pivotal role, offering temporary wall panels with sliding and double doors that are functional and aesthetically pleasing to Aurora, IL. Whether you need our temporary wall panels for construction or healthcare settings, we have you covered.

We ship our temporary wall panels anywhere in the U.S. and Canada in a safe and timely manner. Also, here's why our temporary wall panels are a game-changer:

  • Easy setup and removal enhance project flexibility
  • Our products are durable and reusable, cutting down on waste
  • We have versatile designs, including sliding and double doors
  • They are lightweight yet sturdy, ensuring easy handling and stability

Do you find what we have to offer regarding temporary wall panels appealing? Contact us, and we will help you find the temporary wall panels that work best for your space.

Temporary Infection Control for Healthcare Facilities in Aurora

Temporary Infection Control-Aurora-IL

Our company is a reliable ally for healthcare facilities in Aurora. With our temporary infection control solutions, these places can effectively manage temporary infection control, ensuring a safe environment for both patients and staff. 

We ship your order within two weeks of purchase, ensuring you get what you need quickly regarding temporary infection control. Additionally, here's a snapshot of what makes our temporary infection control solutions stand out:

  • Our products have quick and tool-free assembly for immediate needs
  • Integration with air filtration supports a clean environment
  • Customizable setups cater to specific facility requirements

As we move on from temporary infection control, the significance of maintaining a clean and safe environment during renovations becomes apparent. Our temporary infection control products can also be used for the construction scene.

Dust Containment During Renovations in Aurora Buildings

Dust Containment-Aurora-IL

In bustling cities, renovations requiring dust containment are a constant, reflecting growth and progress. Our company steps in with our dust containment solutions for Aurora buildings, ensuring these transformations do not compromise the city's residents and workers' health and safety. 

Key highlights of our dust containment products include:

  • The effective dust containment barrier minimizes health risks
  • Rapid deployment of our products aids in swift project commencement
  • Our products have seamless integration with existing structures
  • We are cost-effective without sacrificing quality

From facilitating temporary infection control in healthcare to ensuring safe and clean renovation processes, Edge Guard is the perfect solution for your building's needs, whether for dust containment or infection control. For those embarking on projects, big or small, reaching out to our company at (217) 714-4491 is a step towards achieving dust containment and more with integrity and efficiency.