Our Full Spectrum of Barrier System Panels and Accessories

Temporary Wall Systems for Commercial Renovations


We know how to meet the unique challenges of contractors when it comes to temporary wall systems.

The needs of active construction sites differ. That is why we offer one-of-a-kind temporary modular wall systems in addition to the variety of sizes in our standard line to meet specific requirements. Our temporary barrier wall panels can easily be set up in less than an hour and dismantled in less than one-half hour, which is a significant labor cost savings compared to metal studs and drywall installations.

Our superior temporary wall systems are engineered and constructed for dust containment during renovations of all types of commercial construction projects. Our air-tight temporary wall systems help contain dust, particulates, and debris.

These are reasons why our temporary wall systems are the choice among construction contractors and workers:

  • Reusable, lightweight, and durable
  • Completely customizable
  • The look of a true-wall
  • Air-tight installations without using tools
  • Modular and expandable
  • Adjustable panel height
  • Porting options for high-efficiency air exhaust fans
  • Cost-effective solutions

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Dust Containment System to Protect Occupied Areas


We design and manufacture affordable dust containment systems to protect adjacent occupied areas.

Construction contractors moving from one site to another frequently need a dust containment system to trap dust, particulates, and debris. Our dust containment system is reusable with easy setup and breakdown without using tools.

Our dust containment system enclosure can be equipped with negative air machines to scrub the air and HEPA filters to achieve quality air purification.

These are a few reasons why construction contractors choose us for a dust containment system to maintain a safe working environment:

  • Easy, stress-free set-up and breakdown
  • Airtight installation
  • Cost-effective solution for airborne dust control
  • Seals work areas from occupied areas
  • Security and safety features
  • Modern, clean, and professional appearance
  • Extruded aluminum and durable polycarbonate construction
  • Easily cleaned and sanitized

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Adjustable Temporary Barrier Wall Panels


We manufacture adjustable temporary barrier wall panels that are quick and easy to install by contractors or healthcare maintenance workers to create a functional barrier system enclosure for dust containment and infection control.

Our temporary barrier wall panels provide an instant solution for dust containment and infection isolation. We offer many sizes, panel configurations, and packages in addition to optional differential pressure gauges for negative air monitoring and a professional air scrubber.

The temporary barrier wall panels are lightweight, reusable, and easy to fasten together. We use extruded aluminum and durable polycarbonate in the manufacturing process. The panel systems are designed for reconfiguration and expansion as needed.

These are a few additional reasons for construction contractors to choose our temporary barrier wall panels:

  • In compliance with ASTM E-94 standard for flame resistance
  • Wide range of widths and adjustable heights
  • Labor savings pay for the units in 2 to 3 uses
  • Ability to produce one-of-a-kind systems to meet your needs
  • Packages come with everything you need
  • Exceed infection control guidelines

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