dust containment

The Importance of Dust Containment in Construction

Most of us don’t think of major health risks when we think of dust. Nevertheless, dust can be dangerous, and has been associated with several heart and lung issues. It’s also important to note that dust contamination is an issue of scale. A bit of spare house dust is more...

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temporary walls for hospitals

The Role of Temporary Walls for Hospitals

Hospital construction is not as black and white as you may think. There are many areas of a hospital, besides just the technology, that frequently change.  Medical equipment and standards are not the only areas that need to leave room for significant change. Temporary walls for hospitals are an asset that allows...

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Strategies for Optimizing Utilization of Anterooms in Hospitals

Did you know that there are almost 6,100 hospitals across the United States? Running a hospital is one of the biggest responsibilities out there. If you’re looking to make your operation more efficient than ever, you should consider what to do with your hospital anterooms. These places often have a significant...

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