temporary barrier wall

4 Tips for Installing a Temporary Barrier Wall

Do you have a construction or renovation project coming up? Do you need a temporary wall for dust control or health purposes? Don’t worry; a temporary barrier wall is so easy to install that almost anyone can do it.  We’re here to talk about a few simple tips that can...

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3 Things to Know About Building an Anteroom

In the United States, around 5,000 deaths are due to hospital-acquired infections, mostly because of construction and renovations.   Renovating a hospital is very different than doing new construction or renovating an existing home. A hospital can’t shut down and move all its patients for construction. As a contractor, you’ll need to work...

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temporary wall panels

3 Tips for How to Use Temporary Wall Panels

Construction of new commercial and multifamily buildings is rising, with the 2022 market seeing a 24% rise in projects. And that’s just new buildings. That doesn’t count the thousands of residential and commercial renovations taking place every year in all American cities. Of course, these construction sites are rife with...

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3 Reasons to Use Temporary Construction Walls

Studies show that people working in or around construction sites are often exposed to silica dust. A dangerous substance that can come with a variety of side effects. One way that construction companies prevent this is with temporary construction walls. As these walls act like blockades, protecting people from dust...

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