Our Full Spectrum of Barrier System Panels and Accessories

Why Choose Edge Guard?


We aim to simplify hospital infection control and maintain a dust-free work zone through our innovative products. To achieve this, we provide contractors and hospital maintenance staff with modular panels that help create professional and functional barrier system construction enclosures.


Our barrier system panels, which can be cleaned and sanitized with ease, are currently being used in hospitals and bio-research facilities. They are also included in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Best Practices in Health Care Training Program.


We ship to Canada and the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders are processed within 1 day, and shipped within 2 weeks. All of our shipping containers are built in-house and boxed well, and safely delivered, via freight carriers.


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Temporary Wall Panels – Sliding & Double Doors Available

Temporary Wall Panels-Huntington-NY

When partially renovating or reconstructing buildings in Huntington, NY, temporary wall panels are an excellent tool for effectively separating and enclosing workspaces. Edge Guard sells temporary wall panels that can be connected without using tools to create adjoining or free-standing isolated units in buildings. We provide healthcare and commercial businesses with temporary wall panels that are mobile, easy to install, and do not require the use of any tools. Builders and contractors can purchase temporary wall panels, doors, and accessories individually or in complete ‘Anteroom packages’.

These are some of the accessories we offer for temporary wall panel units in Huntington:

  • Hydraulic hinge swinging LH or RH doors
  • Double sliding doors
  • HEPA-filtered air discharge port
  • Panel transport card
  • Differential digital pressure gauge

We are committed to providing cost-effective and lasting barrier systems for renovation containment or temporary infection control.

Temporary Infection Control for Healthcare Facilities in Huntington

Temporary Infection Control-Huntington-NY

Our systems include airtight assemblies for creating practical barriers in buildings or working spaces. Temporary walls are often needed in hospitals and medical facilities. During the ongoing renovation, they serve the purpose of dust and noise control; however, they are also an excellent tool for temporary infection control. Manufactured from materials that are easy to keep clean and sanitize, they are also quick to install for temporary infection control in emergencies.

These are some examples of how Edge Guard systems are beneficial for temporary infection control in Huntington healthcare facilities:

  • Professional appearance
  • Emergency isolation in virus outbreak
  • Temporary treatment spaces
  • Testing and laboratory stations

Contact us today at (217) 714-4491 to learn more about our systems for temporary infection control in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Dust Containment During Renovations in Huntington Buildings

Dust Containment-Huntington-NY

During construction and refurbishment projects in residential buildings or commercial businesses, dust and debris distributed in the process can be disturbing and hazardous. A dust containment system installed by builders effectively limits the spread of dust and debris while isolating work zones. When staff, customers, or residents are exposed to renovation areas that do not have a dust containment system, they can be subject to various health and safety risks. A dust containment system is the best way to ensure adherence to necessary safety measures and avoid negatively impacting populated areas. 

Renovation workers and building contractors rely on us for dust containment systems for these reasons:

  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • No tools are required to assemble
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast shipping in the USA and Canada

We sell top-notch dust containment systems for all types of renovation projects in Huntington.