Our Full Spectrum of Barrier System Panels and Accessories

Why Choose Edge Guard?


We aim to simplify hospital infection control and maintain a dust-free work zone through our innovative products. To achieve this, we provide contractors and hospital maintenance staff with modular panels that help create professional and functional barrier system construction enclosures.


Our barrier system panels, which can be cleaned and sanitized with ease, are currently being used in hospitals and bio-research facilities. They are also included in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters Best Practices in Health Care Training Program.


We ship to Canada and the USA including Hawaii and Alaska. Orders are processed within 1 day, and shipped within 2 weeks. All of our shipping containers are built in-house and boxed well, and safely delivered, via freight carriers.


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Temporary Wall Panels – Sliding & Double Doors Available

Temporary Wall Panels-Lakeland-FL

Multiple elite contractors in Lakeland, FL, utilize our temporary wall panels for both minor and significant construction activities.

Contractors engaged in multi-level construction projects benefit from the swift turnaround and flexible adaptation features of our temporary wall panels. These panels also adhere to the ASTM E-84 criteria for flame resistance when necessary.

For dust containment and temporary infection control, our temporary wall panels work optimally with our industry-leading door selections:

  • Model 4000 autonomous single door
  • Model 7000 double-door integrated with existing framework
  • Model 7001 sliding door mechanism

In Lakeland, contractors and facilities maintenance staff can reach out to us via phone or our website to get more information about our reusable temporary wall panels designed for enhanced stability, safety, and durability.

Temporary Infection Control for Healthcare Facilities in Lakeland

Temporary Infection Control-Lakeland-FL

Contractors and facilities maintenance teams can utilize our methods to progress with daily functions during healthcare remodels, all while guaranteeing temporary infection control and dust containment.

Tailored for healthcare facilities, our modular barriers provide quick installation and deliver unparalleled temporary infection control and powerful dust containment to limit the distribution of airborne contaminants.

Here's why contractors and healthcare entities in Lakeland choose our construction barrier system for superior temporary infection control:

  • Effortless cleaning and sanitization
  • Approved by healthcare and bio-research facilities
  • Surpass accepted infection control practices
  • Versatile airtight setups
  • Meet the criteria of ASTM E-84 for flame resistance

Reach out to us for more insights on temporary wall panel characteristics, design consultations, or to discover how we can minimize the impact of infectious particles and assure prompt temporary infection control.

Dust Containment During Renovations in Lakeland Buildings

Dust Containment-Lakeland-FL

In hospitals, healthcare hubs, and assorted buildings in Lakeland, our priority is to streamline temporary infection control and dust containment.

We supply modular wall panels to contractors, maintenance crews, bio-research teams, and healthcare workers, helping them set up an efficient and attractive barrier system construction enclosure that can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

Here are some factors that make contractors and building maintenance staff in Lakeland prefer our reusable dust containment systems for achieving temporary infection control:

  • Modular and extendable with ease
  • Surpassing healthcare infection control norms
  • Flexible airtight solutions for dust containment
  • Tool-less installation in less than an hour
  • Cost-beneficial, with payback after 2-3 deployments

Connect with Edge Guard or peruse our website to select optimal temporary wall panel solutions for your next renovation endeavor in Lakeland! Call us today at 217-292-6086.