How to Reduce Dust and Debris During Office Renovations


Office renovations can be disruptive, but with the right measures in place, you can minimize the impact on daily operations. One essential element in creating a productive and clean work environment during office renovations is the use of temporary construction wall panels. These innovative wall systems effectively reduce dust and debris, ensuring a high-quality, dust-free construction zone. In this blog post, we will explore how you can utilize temporary construction wall panels to achieve a dust-free office renovation.

Superior Dust Reduction: High-Quality Construction Work Zones

Our temporary construction wall panels are specifically designed to maintain a dust-free work environment. By creating a barrier between the renovation area and the rest of the office, these panels effectively reduce the spread of dust and debris. This ensures that employees can continue their work without interruption and minimizes the need for extensive cleaning after the renovation is complete.

Flame Resistance: Compliance with Safety Standards

Safety is paramount during any construction project, including office renovations. Our temporary wall panels are flame-resistant and compliant with various standards. They have undergone the ASTM E-84 test method, receiving a Class A result with a score of 0 for flame spread and 85 for smoke development. Additionally, they hold a Class CC1 rating according to the ASTM D-635 standard. With these certifications, you can trust that our panels meet the necessary safety requirements for your office environment.

Easy Assembly and Installation: Swift and Tool-Free Setup

Efficiency is key when it comes to office renovations. Our temporary wall panels are designed for quick and hassle-free assembly. With simple installation instructions provided, you can easily set up temporary partition walls, doors, and hardware without the need for specialized tools. This allows you to save time and resources during the renovation process, enabling a smooth transition without unnecessary delays.

Adjustable and Customizable Solutions: Flexibility for Office Spaces

Office layouts vary, and our temporary construction wall panels cater to this diversity. We offer a range of adjustable temporary wall panels and anteroom type enclosures with customizable widths and heights. This adaptability ensures that the panels can seamlessly fit within your office space, regardless of the specific requirements. Whether you need to create smaller work zones or larger enclosures, our panels can be adjusted accordingly, providing the flexibility you need for your office renovation.

Complete Set of Accessories: Enhancing Functionality

To further enhance the functionality of our temporary wall panels, we offer a comprehensive set of accessories. These include digital differential pressure gauge kits, air filtration units, grid clip assemblies, Camlock fasteners, pushbutton combination locksets, lever-style locksets, and additional parts. By incorporating these accessories, you can optimize the performance of the wall panels, ensuring an even greater reduction in dust and debris and promoting a clean and healthy working environment.


During office renovations, reducing dust and debris is essential to maintaining a productive and healthy work environment. By utilizing temporary construction wall panels, you can create high-quality, dust-free construction zones within your office space. With superior dust reduction capabilities, flame resistance, easy assembly, adjustability, and a wide range of accessories, our temporary wall panels offer a comprehensive solution for your office renovation needs. Ensure a seamless and clean transition during renovations by utilizing our innovative and superior temporary construction wall panels.