4 Tips for Installing a Temporary Barrier Wall

temporary barrier wall

Do you have a construction or renovation project coming up? Do you need a temporary wall for dust control or health purposes? Don’t worry; a temporary barrier wall is so easy to install that almost anyone can do it. 

We’re here to talk about a few simple tips that can make installing your new barrier system panels a breeze. Read on to learn more.

1. Measure First

Make sure that you measure your space before you purchase a barrier wall. While some barrier walls are adjustable, if your measurements are too far off, you may end up having a problem. 

Measure the space around where you’re going to be placing the temporary wall panels twice before placing an order. 

2. Prepare Your Space

Prepare your space before you start trying to install your temporary construction walls. 

Because you’re dividing a room, it’s best to make sure that you separate all of the furniture and other items and put them on the side of the room that isn’t being contained unless you absolutely need them. 

Clear out enough room to put up the temporary wall panels. Clean the floors and make sure there’s nothing hanging where the walls need to go. If there’s anything on the walls or ceiling, remove it for now. 

Consider where the walls will have to go to best suit your purposes. It may be helpful to mark the area before putting the walls up so you can get a feel for what your new space will (temporarily) look like.

3. Ask for Help

The dust containment system is easy enough to put up alone, but it never hurts to have a helper. The walls are tall, and while they’re lightweight, they can be awkward to maneuver alone. 

Having at least one other person available can be helpful. 

Note that you shouldn’t need any extra tools in most cases. You’ll just want an extra person to help you stabilize the walls while you’re installing them. 

4. Test the Wall

After you put the wall up, we recommend testing it before putting it to use. Our walls are sturdy and reliable, but that relies on proper installation. 

Give the walls a gentle push to make sure they’re in place.

When you start your construction project, check on the other side of the wall to make sure that dust and debris are actually being contained. If not, make an adjustment. 

Installing Your New Temporary Barrier Wall Is Easy

Are you getting ready to order and install your new temporary barrier wall? No worries. These tips will make it even easier than it already is. 

At Edge Guard, we have a variety of barrier system packages and accessories for all of your needs. Whether you’re working on a construction project or just need a temporary dividing wall, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our products to find what you need today.