How Can You Clean Up After a Commercial Renovation Project?

commercial renovation

Can you believe that the average age of commercial buildings is over half a century?

As these structures get older, it’ll become more and more necessary to invest in renovations. A commercial renovation project can breathe new life into your business premises, create more space, and even improve functionality. However, once the renovation is complete, you will need to clean up the mess left behind.

While the aftermath of a renovation project can be overwhelming, you can restore your premises so that everything is as good as new. Keep reading to learn about cleaning up after a commercial renovation project.

Lay Out a Cleaning Plan

Before you start cleaning, you need to have a plan. The best plans involve assessing the extent of the mess left behind and determining the best way to clean it up.

You should start by identifying the areas that need the most attention, such as specific floors, walls, and windows with excess dust and debris. Afterward, create a checklist of the cleaning supplies and equipment needed for each task, including a dust containment enclosure

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

Using the right supplies is crucial when cleaning dust and more after a renovation project. Some cleaning agents can damage the surfaces and materials of your commercial facilities. Others may not be effective in removing certain types of stains.

This is why you must read labels with a keen eye and use the appropriate cleaning supplies for each task. For example, if you’re cleaning up dust and debris, a vacuum cleaner or a microfiber cloth may be the right tool for the job. However, tougher stains may need a degreaser or another heavy-duty cleaning solution.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Business renovations generate a significant amount of waste, including debris, scrap materials, and packaging leftovers. It’s essential to dispose of this waste properly to avoid creating a safety hazard and to follow local regulations.

Some waste may be recyclable, so be sure to separate it from non-recyclable materials.

Use Temporary Construction Wall Systems

During a renovation project, you can cut the amount of mess and dust that spreads throughout the workspace by using temporary wall systems. The construction wall panels that make up these systems can isolate a specific area. This will reduce not only the risk of dust and debris but also noise pollution.

As if that wasn’t great enough on its own, temporary walls can be installed and dismantled quickly and efficiently, making them a practical solution for renovation projects.

Ready to Clean Up After Commercial Renovation?

Cleaning up after a commercial renovation project can be a challenging task, but with a proper plan and the right tools, you can make the premises as good as new.

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If you have questions or are ready to use our dust containment products, don’t hesitate to reach out.