3 Building Renovation Tips for Successful Project Completion

building renovation

Building renovation spending in the USA is predicted to reach an astonishing $430 billion in the second half of 2022. Operative builders and contractors are poised to take advantage of this continued enthusiasm for remodeling one’s home or commercial property.

However, with such a boom comes a lot of inexperienced clients who may have unrealistic expectations regarding the renovation process. Construction professionals must ensure their project management process is well defined if they want the job to go smoothly.

Contractors, look no further than our list below for your go-to quick list of construction advice.

1. Be Realistic With the Client

Managing client expectations is probably number one when it comes to building renovation tips. It’s also one of the most complicated aspects of worksite management to get right!

Encourage your client to take the time to plan their project thoroughly. This includes deciding on:

  • Maximum budget
  • Layout
  • Style and decor
  • Materials

Explain any costs they may incur that fall outside their plan. This will help manage any surprises, such as unexpected hikes in materials costs. And be realistic with your project timeline.

If they’ve hired an architect or interior designer, proactively engage with them before the project begins to ensure you maintain a good working relationship.

2. Get the Necessary Approvals

When renovating a building, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll need to apply for building permits from the local municipality. These permits could impact what kinds of renovations you can do on a home or what materials you’re required to use.

If the property is heritage-listed, things get even more challenging since there are often federal and local by-laws guiding renovation. If you’re working on an old building, check the heritage register to see if it’s listed (or should be listed).

Don’t forget about HOA regulations. Many neighborhoods and condo complexes have rules about what sorts of renovations are allowed, particularly those affecting curb appeal.

3. Protecting Health

Nothing is more important in a list of building renovation advice than protecting the health of your employees. After all, you don’t want people off work due to injury or illness.

Make sure you provide appropriate gear. The EPA advises focusing on:

  • Gloves to project from chemical exposure
  • Workboots or shoe covers
  • Safety glasses
  • Respiratory protection (such as masks with filters)

It’s also imperative to control dust on a worksite. This protects workers’ health and ensures areas outside the renovation area stay clean. Temporary construction wall panels come in various sizes and colors and even have accessories like lockable security doors.

Building Renovation That Works for Client and Contractor

Whether you’re working in residential or commercial building renovation, refining your project management process will ensure the job gets done right. This means the work is finished to schedule, the final budget matches the quote as closely as possible, and the client’s happy.

If you follow construction tips telling you to put the client’s needs first, you’ll get through a project with few hiccups.

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