Temporary Walls: The Key to Minimizing Construction Disruption

Upgrading your building provides many benefits, but with construction comes disruptions. Dust and debris can also cause problems. For one, inhaling asbestos and silica are two common threats to a person’s health during construction.

Your two options are to shut down or protect your employees and customers with a barrier. 

How can you keep the disruptions and dust to a minimum during business without affecting the project timeline? The solution is to put up temporary walls that keep dust and debris contained in the renovation spot. 

Here’s what you need to know about lightweight, temporary construction walls and how they benefit you. 

What Are Temporary Walls for Construction? 

Our plastic construction walls fasten together quickly and easily to create a containment area. Dust can’t escape the work area, which means you can keep the rest of your building clean and clear for everyday business. You don’t have to worry about disrupting customers, clients, or patients. 

You also protect your products and equipment from construction dust, which can cause damage or make customers sick. 

A temporary construction wall is beneficial for any business owner, hospital, healthcare facility, airport, or residential construction crew. It’s for anyone that wants to keep disruptions to a minimum during renovations. 

Whare Are the Benefits of a Construction Wall? 

The biggest benefit of a plastic construction wall is that it contains all the mess of a renovation to a set area. That includes dust, debris, and airborne pathogens. That means you won’t have to shut down during construction. 

These enclosures are temporary and reusable. Plus, the walls are easy to fasten together without the use of tools. It’s simple to set them up wherever you need them during teardown or demolition. 

Adjustable panels slide to the height of the ceiling. This creates a containment room that fits the renovation space perfectly every time. Enclose either small or large work zones with ease. 

The gasket material ensures a tight seal, as panels conform to the ceiling and keep all dust contained. The grid clips and camlocks are also simple to use. 

Our panels come in clear, opal, or transparent. You can choose how much light you want to filter through or how much privacy you need. 

It’s especially important to create a safeguard against dust and airborne particles in hospitals and healthcare facilities. You need to protect staff and patients from the bacteria and other health risks dust can carry. 

Lastly, using temporary walls keeps unauthorized personnel from entering a potentially hazardous work area until the renovation is complete. 

You’ll have a safer renovation when you use a temporary wall system. 

Planning on Construction Soon? 

If your building is undergoing construction or renovation soon, you should invest in temporary walls to keep the job site contained and secure. It’s safer for your staff, your customers, patients, and everyone in the building. 

To learn more about our Edge Guard products, take a look at our package options. Our enclosures ensure the construction process causes as few disruptions as possible, so your business can continue as usual.