3 Reasons to Use Temporary Construction Walls

Studies show that people working in or around construction sites are often exposed to silica dust. A dangerous substance that can come with a variety of side effects.

One way that construction companies prevent this is with temporary construction walls. As these walls act like blockades, protecting people from dust and debris.

Making construction walls very useful for a variety of projects. Whether you need privacy, security, or to protect the surrounding area.

Keep reading to find out where a temporary construction wall could come in handy for your project.

1. Cleaner Construction

Construction sites are very dirty and are often places where dust fills the air. Making it a potentially harmful place for construction workers.

You can use temporary wall systems to section off areas of the construction site. Protecting workers from areas where there is a lot of debris and dust exposure.

Helping to isolate the dirtiest areas of the site so that other areas remain cleaner. This can also help the work to stay more organized as it’s divided into sections.

Helping construction workers to know where they need to go and what areas are in progress. Exposing them to less dust and debris in the process of the work.

2. Retail Work

A temporary barrier wall could come in handy if there is work going on at a retail store. Maybe some construction work is being done and needs to be hidden from customers.

This can help to limit other people’s exposure to dust and debris from construction. As well as hiding the fact that construction work is going on.

Some retail stores even use temporary wall systems if they are renovating or rearranging the store. As it creates privacy and blocks off sections where customers shouldn’t go.

3. Hospital Rooms

You can often find temporary construction walls in hospitals as well. As they make great dividers if patients need to stay separated from each other.

You can do this if a patient requires isolation or is considered to be infectious. As the walls help to block them from having access to others in the hospital.

Though these walls can also be used if there are renovations going on in the hospital. Hiding the work going on as well as keeping any debris from entering the rest of the hospital floor.

Where Temporary Construction Walls Can Be Useful

You can use temporary barrier walls in different situations to help with work being done. Temporary construction walls are mostly used in construction but can be useful in many other places.

As they are a great option for hiding areas, isolating dust, and sectioning off areas of a building. Making them useful for stores, hospitals, construction sites, offices, and more.

Do you need to use a temporary wall system for your project? Contact us today at Edge Guard for different barrier wall options that you can use anywhere.