3 Tips for How to Use Temporary Wall Panels

temporary wall panels

Construction of new commercial and multifamily buildings is rising, with the 2022 market seeing a 24% rise in projects.

And that’s just new buildings. That doesn’t count the thousands of residential and commercial renovations taking place every year in all American cities.

Of course, these construction sites are rife with dust and debris. Workspaces need to be partitioned off from non-work spaces. Workers need places to complete noisy or dangerous work while keeping other staff members safe.

That’s where temporary wall panels come in handy. These panels are affordable and can be erected where and when needed.

Read on to learn more.

1. Confirm the Need for a Temporary Wall Panel

At its simplest, an adjustable wall panel splits a larger space into smaller rooms.

While traditionally, these devices are used on job sites to keep dust out of, say, the rest of the family home during a renovation, they’re not limited to this function.

They’re suitable for:

  • Creating office cubicles or meeting rooms
  • Partitioning off a staff area in a retail store
  • Designating isolation spaces in a healthcare facility
  • Splitting up a sizeable open-plan apartment into private rooms
  • Making secure workspaces in a factory setting

With such flexibility, it’s more likely than not that a temporary wall panel will suit your needs.

2. Calculate the Square Footage

Before buying or renting your room dividers, you must determine how much you’ll need. This means first working out the total square footage of your space and then deciding how big each room or wall needs to be.

Wall panels come in a range of heights and sizes, so keep this in mind when planning out the layout of your workspace. We recommend using an online room planner to help you determine precisely what the design will look like.

This also saves timewhen the panels arrive, you can distribute the plan so your workers know exactly where and how to erect the panels.

3. Think About Function

When deciding what kind of temporary construction wall panels you need, you must consider what you need them to do.

Do you need to keep a space private from prying eyes? You’ll need tall, sturdy walls.

Are you keeping expensive tools and machinery in the workspace? You’ll need walls with a lockable door.

Are you creating a meeting room or staff downtime area? You’ll need soundproof walls to ensure a relaxing, quiet environment.

Consider, too, how people will move about the space. You need to arrange your temporary panels to allow easy flow between the areas and rooms you create.

Why You Need Temporary Wall Panels for Your Next Project

There are numerous reasons to choose temporary wall panels as the solution to your space-dividing needs. They’re affordable, easy to put up and take down, flexible, and come in various styles and sizes.

Whether you need to partition off a messy worksite or create new offices to cater to a staffing overflow, wall panels are the way to go.

Contact the team at Edge Guard today to learn more about the adjustable panels we offer.